Feasibility Reports

With any prospective venture be it large or small, residential or commercial, there are many factors to be considered from inception through to completion. Early and detailed analysis of the various issues that will have an influence on the project is essential to establish the feasibility of the scheme under consideration. Elcock Associates Ltd as a multi-disciplined firm of Chartered Surveyors can offer a comprehensive service to their clients when it comes to undertaking feasibility studies.

Factors taken into consideration during the feasibility study include, but are not limited to:

Over view of the existing environment to establish prime objectives and core requirements.

  • Preparation of scheme proposal in relation to the brief.
  • Preparation of budget estimates and early cost advice.
  • Identify any issues such as compliance with Building Regulations, boundary issues, CDM Co-ordination, Party Wall Act, Planning and legal matters.
  • Prepare CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings where necessary.