Insurance Claims / Loss Assessor

If you have to make an insurance claim there is so much to take on board, usually at a very stressful stage following damage to your commercial or residential property. Part of the process is to work out the claim and deal with the insurance companies.

It is important to understand the difference between a ‘Loss Adjuster’ and a ‘ Loss Assessor’. The key difference between them is that a loss adjuster will work for the insurance company and are employed to represent their interests.

A loss assessor will work for YOU the policyholder. Elcock Associates are independent professional surveyors who will act to protect your interests.

As part of our role we will manage the claim on your behalf from the outset, it is important therefore that you appoint a loss assessor as early as possible. Elcock Associates as part of our role will:

  • Manage the claim.
  • Organise emergency repairs and property security.
  • Help find alternative accommodation.
  • Provide expert reporting on the damage and re-instatement works and costs.
  • Negotiate the settlement.