Landlords & Tenants Dilapidations

If you are a tenant taking a full repairing and insuring (FRI) lease, you will have a responsibility to put the building into good repair, keep it that way, and surrender it in good repair.


Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a lease so that you hand it back in no worse condition than you took it. A Schedule of Condition is a record of its condition at the commencement of the lease – this is a vital document. The Schedule of Condition may make the difference between repairing a roof and completely replacing it, and may save you thousands of pounds.


The repairing clauses in a commercial lease are enforced through a Schedule of Dilapidations. This document sets out the defects the landlord, or more usually his surveyor, thinks needs to be carried out in order to bring the property back into repair. It is served on the tenant, always towards the end of a lease, and sometimes in the middle as well.

We will review the lease, prepare the documentation, and negotiate the best deal for you.