Elcock Associates have recently completed a Daylight Report to address concerns from the Local Authority regarding daylight levels within a New Build Development as per a recent document concerning daylight within New Build Constructions. 

The development was placed in the right geographical location and 3D-modelled along with the surrounding buildings and specialist software used to calculate the effect on daylight received by the proposed and existing windows. The concerns were found to be substantiated and a number of windows in the new development were shown to provide inadequate daylight and the effect on the surrounding buildings was found to be requiring mitigation.

The proposed development was then re-designed following this report and the analysis software was re-run. The courtyard windows to the proposed building now provide adequate daylight to the rooms they serve. This has been achieved by adapting the design following our last report and the council’s concerns.

The BRE (Building Research Establishment) guidance states that its own numerical guidelines ‘should be interpreted flexibly since natural lighting is only one of many factors in site layout design. In special circumstances the developer or planning authority may wish to use different target values. For example in a historic city centre a higher degree of obstruction may be unavoidable if new developments are to match the height and proportions of existing buildings’.

Elcock Associates were initially approached by ECA Architecture & Planning to produce a report as required by the Planning Authority:

“To demonstrate that sufficient daylight (in accordance with BRE standards) is provided to the flats facing the courtyard. Also you must ensure that any habitable room windows and balcony/amenity areas within adjoining developments are not subject to harmful enclosure and loss of light”

Specialist software was then used to provide a report on each window. These results are then tabulated. The software also provides a Waldram diagram for each window so that the results may be visually correlated to the 3D model and therefore the as-built/proposed environment.

Significant improvements have been made to the design following the local Authority concerns and the results of the initial draft report. The proposed building is now more sympathetic in its effect on the daylight provided to its neighbours. The courtyard of the proposed development is now adequately lit.

This shows how clever design and attention to detail can help with most issues.

Elcock Associates commented after the approval to say that “Elcock Associates are delighted to be involved with this project and to help facilitate a better life quality for the soon to be residents of this development.”

Elcock Associates are the only BRE Planning for Daylight experts on the South Coast providing these kind of development improving reports. For more information on this kind of report please contact Elcock Associates on 01202 471733 or email info@elcockassociates.co.uk