AdamElcock Associates are delighted to announce that they have recently secured a valuable planning permission for the alteration, 3rd floor extension and conversion to 10 residential flats in Lorne Park Road in Horseshoe Common, central Bournemouth. The approved scheme will transform the existing 3 storey period villa (currently in office use) increasing the building to 4 storeys, providing much needed accommodation with associated parking in the heart of Bournemouth Town Centre.

A Senior Surveyor at Elcock Associates who designed the scheme commented after the approval, “This scheme goes to show how collaborative working can lead to the best outcome for the client”

This central location has seen a considerable degree of urban renewal in recent years paving the way for substantial 3/4 storey residential redevelopment of many ageing buildings in the locality. With this surrounding increase in built form, the proposed 3rd floor extension and residential conversion of the former office building is seen to be a suitable addition to this spate of urban renewal without creating any harm to the appearance of the area or the amenities of its neighbouring properties. The building is sited on an island location and prominent in the Cumnor Road/Lorne Park Road street scene and considered more than capable of the additional 3rd floor in the context of its surrounding built form.

The proposed residential conversion was also an opportunity to significantly improve the landscaping arrangement on site, which is currently extensively hard landscaped, used for car parking in association with the current office use. The approved scheme will greatly improve the soft landscaping on site in order to provide additional amenity space to the proposed 10 flats. Additional boundary brick walls will help to enhance the boundary treatment and improve the visual amenity of the site from Lorne Park Road.

After receiving the approval the client a private developer  was quick to comment “It was a pleasure to team up with Elcock Associates on this project, their professionalism with drawings and amendments at a critical juncture during the planning process was invaluable and meant that we could steer the application through to an approval. I look forward to working with them again”.

The approved scheme will be a welcomed addition to the town centre area creating a new residential development of high quality accommodation, ample parking and increased garden amenity space whilst also safeguarding against any harmful impacts to the surrounding neighbouring properties on both Cumnor Road and Lorne Park Road, breathing new life into this former office building. All in all, this residential redevelopment scheme has been another success for Elcock Associates delivering a comprehensively designed  application from start to finish.CGI Lorne Park